Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A total doll...

Oh my...this is why I LOVE my job...for moments like these. You see...I have boys. And as much as a I love my boys and wouldnt trade them, it sure is fun to play with a girl for a bit. Our whole family is mostly boys now. Our family seems to have trouble producing the ladies, so other than my older neices, I dont even get to shop for girls clothes, nothin, nada, zip. I went shopping with the boys last friday and boys clothes are just so boring :D

My soccer boy...

Jacob started playing soccer this year. He is loving it! After I bought his soccer stuff, I think he wore it 3 days straight,lol. They played their first game this past Saturday and I shot a few pics before my camera died :(

The boys started school today. I am happy to have my days back but I am anxious at the same time. I had to drop my big boy off at middle school for the first time today *sniff sniff* I had to fight the urge to walk him in holding his hand,lol. He wouldnt have let me anyway. Im scared for him, I remember how brutal middle school can be *sigh* I was so nervous, I forgot to take pics of them. Maybe later,lol.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Bare with me as I have lots to update and will probably have to do so in a few posts within the next couple of days :D First one being that my step-sister got married today, yay! Congrats to Tina and Tim. It was nice to see Tina so happy. Plus, it gave my parents and the boys a reason to dress up (I actually took the boys clothes shopping yesterday...I would rather jab a dull fork in my eye than do that again) I snapped the pic of the boys quick before they dirtied themselves and I mean it was quick.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Nothing makes me cry like watching the father daughter dance at a wedding, and it was no different at Greg and Stephanie's wedding. I just love the emotion on her face. She was a such a beautiful bride and she and Greg were so ready to walk down that aisle. No nerves at all there! The whole crowd was absolutely wonderful to me, I really enjoyed myself.

The best part, was this time, gravity was on my side and I managed to maintain balance all day long :D

Happy one year Anniversary

to Laura and Danny! And in a couple of weeks I get to take pics of Laura's belly, woohoo!! Happy anniversary guys! It was nice to see you yesterday :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

A few recent.....

I bought a new seamless background, yay. I think I like it, but I will probably have to mostly use it with little ones because it' not as wide as I would like, but oh well :D

Just been busy trying to catch up. I took a couple of days away from the Kodak job to hang out with the boys. It was the closest thing we've had to a vacation in a long time, although we didnt really go away. We went to King's Island friday, which I will post pics of later, and Saturday we went roller skating and to a movie. I haven't been on wheels in years. I have come to the conclusion that I am much better on blades :D