Sunday, December 30, 2007

Surprise surprise!

We had a surprise party for my moms 60th today. She was SO surprised, had NO clue it was awesome. It was supposed to be themed, to dress from your favorite decade. Not everyone dressed up, but my sister and I dressed up our families, and my sister was histerical. I didnt get a pic of myself, so sorry,lol. My sister had this guy make her cake. It was cool, I got a crappy pic of it, but it was a timeline cake with a picture of my mom from each decade. It was red velvet though and made it seem like I was hacking into her poor face when I was cutting cake for everyone,lol.

My open house went great! I had a lot of support and a lot of help. I couldnt have done it without all the help actually. I wanted to share a bit with some of the crazy stuff people brought me :D

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Im so sorry,lol

If you were going to the Tipp library yesterday, then you probably saw me on my fire escape shooting these :P
Meet Brian, he is venturing out into the modeling world. I had a lot of fun shooting these. I realized later that he kinda reminds me of a younger version of John :D

Laura and Danny had a cute little person :D

And here he is!!

I have great friends :D

So I am walking up the stairs to the studio on Christmas Eve, and what do I find when I get to the top? The coolest antique baby buggy!! Thanks Mike! He lent me a cool John Deere Tractor as well, and I cant wait to use it. I have a session with a little guy tonight, I think it might be the perfect time.

One of the neatest thing about moving the studio to Tipp, is that I have met some really neat people, I probably would have never met before. One of them being my new friend Terry. He is also a photographer in Tipp, a really good one too He is a wealth of knowledge :D He let me borrow his new Silverlake backdrop while he is on vacation and I totally love it, I need one of my own now :D

My Open House is this Saturday for anyone who wants to venture out. It starts at 6pm and goes til whenever. Even if you can come out for a short bit, I would love to see you :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Meet Molly :) Here is the new addition to my mom and dads house. Isnt she the cutest thing ever??

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Joan is a lucky woman :D

If you ever need a reason to Zumba, Doug is a reason. Its no secret that Doug and Joan have a great marriage. I am working with Doug, and I see Joan fanning herself in the corner of the room, hehe.

Doug and Angie, one of the other Zumba instructors, are starting a weight training class at the studio. The info is up on their website, you should really check it out

Can I just say too....that I really dont think I would be completely where I am today if it weren't for Doug and Joan. Joan is ENDLESSLY promoting me all the time, building me up. They are such wonderful people, and I feel so blessed to be considered part of their Zumba family. I have to share this link with you. The new Zumba Infomercial is coming out, and they have done a little spotlight of Zumba Ohio, and I can't be more proud and excited for my friends. I have watched this video over and over and over. I am just so so excited for them. The happiness they have brought so many is endless, they deserve every bit of greatness. Check this out

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New York New York!!!

Alright, so let me just start off my mentioning that yes the first picture is of me long long ago. I was just about to turn 17 yrs old, and I went to New York with 2 of my very best girlfriends Meredith and Valerie, and Merediths mother and my band teacher(obviously not pictured) This was us at Sardi's the night we saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. For those of you who know me well, know that I am/was obsessed with this musical. I have seen it a total of 5 times,lol. Anyway....I look at that picture, and yes I was MUCH skinnier, and thanks to the popularity at the time, my hair was permed. Boy was I naive. I didn't have a job other than working for my mother, I had a boyfriend that drove me everywhere so there was no need for a driver's license (secretly I was too scared to get one anyway) and I had barely ever been out of Ohio. I mean, sure I had been to other states, but I was not prepared for NYC. If you asked me then what I though of New York, I would have said...big, smelly and scary, dirty, but fun. I was at that time the same age as some of the girls I went on the trip with this time. They are part of a group called The Young Women of Distinction. I wish I had something like this when I was their age. I will say that from the first moment I was very impressed with these girls, with their maturity, their caring and generous spirits. Heck, they hung out with my 11 yr old son and made him feel special, and that says a lot.

My first trip to New York was packed with the usual touristy stuff, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, The Met (which I am dying to get back to one day) Ellis Island, blah blah....I was excited then just to be able to say I went to Saks.Whatever. I had the worlds worst camera back know the kind you had to stand 6 ft from anything to get it in focus. And *gasp* it was film of course. This time I swore I was not gonna miss a thing about NY. NOT the touristy stuff, but the people, the stuff, the actual NY. Pictures that I could tell what it was, and not some blurry mess,lol. This trip was what Mike calls the backdoor tour, a tour of places people usually miss about NYC.
The picture after my lovely flashback is from the day we walked Harlem. If you asked me now what I thought of NYC I would still say big, but now I say colorful, exciting, and if you go to Sylvia's like we did, NYC sure tastes good too. Adam especially enjoyed Sylvia's fried catfish, and I loved the Tomato/Okra gumbo. We actually met Sylvia herself, and she is the sweetest most lovely little lady.
The collage after that is of Timesquare of course. This is where all the excitement happens in New York, and since I tend to be slightly clausterphobic, is definitely at times overwhelming. We did a photo scavenger hunt, and I am happy to say Adam actually kicked my butt with his team,lol.
Next would be Brooklyn. Its a little rundown, but I dig old rusty things anyway, so it was just my style :D You'll notice that in one of those pics, my son developed an attachment to one of the adults, Jeff. I was totally ditched for Jeff on the trip...which was ok, it was so nice to see Adam bonding with a guy. After that is pictures from the Metro Ministries sunday school. While in Brooklyn, our group broke up into 3s and 4s to ride school buses with the children of Brooklyn to their sunday school. It was one big Jesus party :D This event was definitely the most rewarding and emotional part of the whole trip. I met 2 brothers that I would have liked to have taken home with me.
Next would be random pics of the subway. Adam LOVED the subway. I honestly have no idea how NYorkers do it everyday, it was exhausting really. You meet some really cool people on the subway though. Next collage are just some random pics of NY. I love all the street vendors, and markets...oh and you might recognize the restaurant from Seinfeld.
The last full day in NY we spent shopping in China town and a food tasting extravaganza in Little Italy (the next 2 collages) Holy Canoli...I ate some very yummy things, and also some things I hope to never taste upon my lips again,lol. I saw things that I am guessing were supposed to be food...who eats these things I will never know. Dried Octopus, things I SWEAR were petrified poop in jars. The ladies in the fish market were not please at me photographing their fish...not sure why...still mulling that one over,lol.
The last collage is of all the teen girls. Girls the same age I was when I went to NY the first time, and yet so much more mature than I ever was. The pic of the group was all the ladies that went, the teen girls of course, and my single moms group....missing is our fearless leader Mike, and of course Adams sidekick Jeff, and my little Adam. BTW, some of the pics in the collage were taken by Adam :D
Oh...did I mention that we met Bob Saget??!! Um, yeah as you can see Adam was beside himself.

Ive been webbed


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Terrible twos??

I beg to differ, I LOVE age 2. I would take age 2 any day over age 7,lol. And "B" was no exception, he is quite the ham, a boy of many expressions,lol.

Yes, I do have pictures of New York. The trip was AWESOME. And I promise not to hold out too long before I post them. My next blog will be New York pics, I promise :D

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Simply Canvas

I LOVE them! I just ordered a 24x36 for the studio, and it is beautiful. I was giddy with excitement when it plopped on the doorstep today. Much to Jacobs dismay he had to share the backseat with it because I was too excited to hang it,lol.
Thought I would share a few snapshots of the studio also. Remember..its a work in progress :D The only room that we didnt do anything to yet was the dressing room, and the play room is not quite decorated all the way. Unfortunately the dressing room will have to stay ugly for a little while until I can save up to make it pretty. I wont share pics of that room yet,lol. Just picture a dark dungeon with wood panelling for walls ;) I have decided to have my grand opening/ open house party on December 29th...more details will follow on that.