Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Rockin good time....

This weekend was a little crazy...it all started with Andrea, Christina, Jackie and I setting up a booth at the Mum Festival. I had about an hour sleep give or take on Friday night so I was a barrel of laughs :P About a month ago I guess, Tracy http://www.picturesbytracy.com called to ask if I would be interested in setting up a photo booth at a reception for a wedding she was shooting this past Saturday night. My answer was Hell yes! Well probably not quite that exuberant, but you get the idea. Pass up an opportunity to watch Tracy in action, heck no, PLUS the added fun of a photo booth, count me in! Some of my faithful readers (BWAH! do I have them??) remember that I did this at a May wedding I had last year. It was a hit and so much fun, so I couldnt wait to do it again....except that Tracy had the fabulous idea of adding a little something...PROPS! I FINALLY found a use for the welder's mask my brother in law Tim gave me (those of you at my open house a year ago know exactly what Im talking about) ...and Bev...the dead animal thing you lent me was a BIG hit ;) PLus Tracy has a collection of feather boas (I had some flashbacks from the Glamour Shots days, I tried not to twitch uncontrollably) Can I just tell you HOW MUCH FUN THIS WAS??? I had so much fun, I forgot that I was dog tired,LOL.

I had so much fun, that I think we may try to make this a regular thing...I would LOVE to team up with Tracy and make a go of it...Tracy..what sayeth you??

On a side note....besides the fun I was having with all the crazy people and crazy hats, I was in awe of the reception itself. Stacey was a beautiful bride, and the location was amazing. The Cincinatti Museum Center, turns out, is not just great to take the family to for a day out, it makes a great place for a reception too :)

Thanks again everyone for having me....PS, Brandy, it was nice to finally meet you ;)

Jamie and Al

My cute OSU couple :) They were as wonderful to photograph getting married as they were during their e-session. We had beautiful weather all day long, and the day went by so smoothly. I know Jamie worked so hard planning it, and it paid off. She was stunning, the wedding was beautiful. She and a friend wrote a song for Al that they danced to, it was such a sweet moment.

Talking of sweet moments...I dont think Ive seen another couple get into the cake cutting as much as they did. Jamie ended up with it in her hair! It was histerical :D

Happy honeymoon guys!

Now its their turn...

the last time we left dear Morgan and Donnie, they were airborne at Sarah and Chad's wedding. Funny, that they are STILL airborne, only they were the ones getting married this time :)

It was a fairytale wedding, with a cinderalla/disney theme, right down to the glass (ok so they werent really glass) slippers, and Morgan looked beautiful. They even had a special guest :D (Mickey Mouse, hehe) Morgan's bouquet was literally the biggest and heaviest bouquet I have ever seen, I'm surprised she didnt break her arm carrying it, but it was very pretty :) They are the last of my 3 Best Buy couples I have seen get married this year..who's next???


Never have I seen a more laid back bride, with a great sense of humor. I dont think anyone would have stayed as calm and cool as Katy, even through all the comedy of errors that kept occurring...take for instance the absence of the judge when the wedding started...Katy? She just sat back and laughed ;) Im not too sure a lot of other brides would have thought it so funny. But never fear, he showed up and there was a wedding,LOL.

This was my second wedding at Carillon Park. It is such a great location to get married , I just love it. Oh, and a little tidbit I learned this time...there is a man that plays the bells in the tower...who knew this?? I didnt, I thought they were just an automated thing or something :D

Catching up

It occurred to me not long ago, I have slacked on my wedding blogging. I thought I should go back and highlight them, I've had a great time this year, every one of them has been different and special in their own way.

We shall start with Nichelle and Lucas...Believe it or not, but theirs has been the very FIRST wedding of mine to actually shoot in Vandalia. Its funny to me that Ive grown up in Vandalia almost my entire life, and I am just now shooting a wedding there, and at St. Christopher of all places. Anyway, it was beautiful. About 5 minutes after we finished the pics at the pond/fountain the sky opened up into torrential downpour...thank goodness someone came around to pick us up in the van to take us back up the big hill, otherwise we would have been soaked to the bone!