Saturday, March 29, 2008

New babies

I am lovin the babies this month. Everyone must have been really bored last summer :D I have one more baby coming. One of my maternity mommies was to deliver her yesterday. I can't wait to meet her finally!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Smarty pants

Report Cards came home! Both kids did well, and Adam got all straight A's. He was very excited as you can see. Its nice that my children surpass me in intelligence. They like to remind me daily :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miss Emily

I met Emily when I was a Kodak Rep. She worked at one of my Best Buys so I would see her at least once a week and she kept me company on many occasion while we were bored. Her Best Buy is not exactly the busiest store :D I was honored when she asked me to shoot her senior pictures. We had so much fun yesterday, she is so much fun to photograph! Thanks Em!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

At last!!

I waited over a YEAR AND A HALF to shoot this wedding. I am not a patient person :D It was so weird when the time was finally here :) Christine was absolutely beautiful. Her daughter could not stop smiling ALL day, she was so happy. If you could have seen the grip she had on her "new" brothers after the ceremony was over. *sigh* so cute.

Added bonus for me, I was able to finally have B come and help me :D I'm not so sure she knew exactly what she signed up for once it was over, but she did a super job. It was nice to have the company too. And to top it off, I think Mike's son enjoyed tormenting her as you can see,lol. Sorry B, I had to,lol.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Best Kept Secret North of Dayton

That would be The Crystal Room and Club 55. Right off of 75 and rt 55, exit for Troy. If you are getting married in the area and looking for the perfect place for your reception, you should check it out, Cara and Kyle (the lovely ladies above) will help take care of you. I was up there last week taking some photos of some table/decor set-ups for a few of their upcoming brides. Trojan Florists took care of all the flower arrangements for the event, and they were stunning (the tree above was my personal fave :D) Watching them carry that sucker in gave me a whole new respect for florists,lol. There were several other vendors at the event as well, integral in planning any event. Prime Time Party Rental took care of some of the table arrangements, as well as Entertainment Unlimited Events
See you there!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My little actor

A few months back I registered Jake for an Improv class at The Human Race. If you have a high energy, overly dramatic child (lol) then these classes are perfect for him/her. He wasn't sure he was going to like it after the first class, but now that this one is over, when I asked him if he wanted to sign up for the next one he said Y-E-S. And yes, he actually spelled it, he has a habit of spelling things instead of saying the whole word, one of his many quirks :D Saturday was indeed their last class, and the last half hour the kids put on a little performance for the parents. Jacob's group was really cute, I was impressed at how comfortable he was in front of a group of people. I snapped a few pics of their little skit, so here ya go :D

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I've been ill. I'm sorry if you've been waiting on pics or waiting for an email or something from me, I feel like, poo on the bottom of a shoe is probably more correct. I could sleep for hours, days, weeks.

So I have those days of self doubt. Lots of it some days. I question why I'm doing what I do. Can I make it? Will I? Am I good? There's no doubt I love every minute of what I do, and everyday I walk into the door of the studio I pinch myself. But still theres that lingering self doubt. Where do we learn that from? Some days I'm better at shoving it away than others, but there it is, like a big fat elephant in the room. I haven't felt well for a couple of weeks, and this weekend it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I have been down for the count the past few days, but today I am feeling a bit better, like I'm coming back from the dead.

On monday, I managed to drag myself out of my funk long enough to do a NILMDTS session. It all puts things into perspective doesnt? Here I am, in my funk of self doubt and pity party and sickness, and there's this family experiencing the worst pain they will probably ever feel in their lives. And then inevitably I feel like a schmuck. Please say a prayer for Angel baby "C" and her family. :(