Thursday, July 26, 2007 where do I start???

How about how freaking excited I am to shoot Mallory and Adams wedding!! I felt an instant connection with them and they are sooo easy to photograph. I am having a difficult time narrowing down here to post,lol.
and of THATS where they put that thing?? Anyone who has lived in Dayton most of their lives like moi will instantly recognize the infamous Reynolds and Reynolds clock that was right off of 75. Of course that is how I grew up knowing it. When I was really little it was green. I cant remember when they painted it blue. They ended up taking it down I think because Reynolds and Reynolds moved? and I cant remember what the building was before that. But anyway...I vividly remember any trip going South when I was a kid passing that thing and when we would come home, I always knew we were close to home when we passed it. Ah memories. Now it resides at historical Carrilon Park where Mallory and Adam will be getting married. Very cool!

Everything went very smoothly tonight. That is until we got stuck in the park. Yeah, so they lock the gates after a certain time. I won't tell you how we got out :D

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Now I really feel old....

Sara was my best friend in elementary school. Now we both have kids that are in school or will be in school. Time really flies doesn't it?? It was fun reminiscing with you...I cant wait til friday! Annie, going to the pool to see the bubbles.....oh my, your sister and the blueberry bread,hehe. Thank you guys! You're family is beautiful!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My new love....

This is Charlie as the kids like to call him. He is a stray that we sort of adopted. I'm not allowed to have a cat at all,lol, but we feed him and he keeps coming around. It sort of helps that I spoil him at the same time. He is the most cuddly creature. I wish we could make him an indoor cat but until I can move, outside he stays. The kids love him to pieces and keep bugging me to let him stay in. Adam took these by the way. Other than being just slightly out of focus he didnt do a half bad job.

I turned 31 on Sunday. Im not sure whats worse...turning 30 or surpassing it. It was a rather depressing birthday since I worked all weekend long, but oh well :D...oh no attention to my roots. I'm having a bad hair month,lol.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's been a long time....

felt the need for some "glam" There is something about the first one that I just love. Lisa was amazing, I just hope her boyfriend overseas loves them too. Its his b-day tomorrow, yippeeee!! Lisa, I LOVE you, you are fantastic :D

Thursday, July 19, 2007

How easy was this??

VERY easy :D Geez, I don't remember being this beautiful when I was 17 ;)

Introducing Sally, my first official Senior of the season...and I couldn't have asked for a better model. Thanks for making it fun and for suggesting the art museum, I had a blast! I could have kept shooting, and I could have kept posting more of you too, at some point I had to stop tho,lol.

For those also gearing up for senior picture season , here are a few answers to some questions I have been receiving lately. ( and if you area little birdie that called recently for info, I called and it wasnt the right number, you might wanna try me again ;)
How many outifts can you have? Usually around 4-5...more than that and you will get tuckered out :D
How many locations? I will travel up to 3 different locations during your session if you like within reasonable driving distance of course ;) Unless you want to fly me somewhere

What should I wear? Something that is YOU! I suggest at least one or two casual, one dressy (dress or tie if you're a guy) and possibly something to do with your hobby/sports etc.

Can I bring my own props? MOST certainly. I have very limited props. I'm a minimalist. Whatever you want to have in your pictures, bring it, its ok by me...that includes long as it can't eat me.
A few tips... wear clothing that fits you well, too baggy and too tight can be comfortable. Its ok to be trendy! This is why years from now you will look back at your senior picture your mom STILL has hanging on your wall and think...OMG I wore THAT?? hehe...Bring extra makeup to touch up..especially for outdoors, you can get pretty sweaty. Provided enough notice I can also provide a make-up artist for an additional cost. Remember, relax! and have fun, I don't bite! I promise ;)

And hurry up! Because I am having a great senior special. Free session and free 8 wallets of your favorite pose :D

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lucky in love....

Just a few pics from the 07/07/07 wedding. Congrats to Chanda and Paul, YAY!

Friday, July 13, 2007

It starts in my toes, then I crinkle my nose...

This pic of Alex reminds me of that song,lol. It's a new song called Bubbly by a new singer Colbie Caillat. I kind of stumbled upon her music one they have been playing clips of that song in Best Buy forever now...anyway, I love her music. I have one of her songs on my myspace page as we speak. Apparantly her CD doesnt hit the stores til the 17th?? I could be wrong, but as soon as it hits Best Buy, I think I might pick it up :D

This is my next wedding couple. Seems like forever ago that I booked their wedding, but I finally got a chance to meet them in person to do their engagement pictures. They are so cute :)