Sunday, January 28, 2007

New glasses...

Just look at my handsome boy. He is getting so old. We wear the same size shoe now,LOL. He picked these frames out himself. They are growing on me ;)


It has been a long past two weeks. I have been all over the highways and roads travelling for work. The cincy rep quit(thanks a lot Dan :P)and so I have been covering his territory as well as my own. A few things I have learned from being a road warrior...

1.people in cincy drive like maniacs,lol
2.people from kentucky drive even worse, especially if they see you are from Ohio ;)
3.I hate Field's Ertle Rd
4.dont eat Taco Bell while you are driving in the car(unless of course you bring an extra pair of pants)
5.mapquest is not ALWAYS accurate(yes I found this out the hard way)

Of course I got lost in Cincy. And what do I do? I called my mommy. Not that she could help me from 65 miles away, but it sure felt better to call her and at least give her the 411....*ring ring* hiii moooom ...what's the matter sharon? I'm, maybe you should stop and ask for directions...*sigh*

The boys and I went bowling tonight. My dear friend Anne Marie came along. Its pretty sad when a 10 and 7 yr old beat down 2 women in their 30s.Oy. Anyway....countdown to Naples...19 days!!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My buddy today :)

I got to hang out with this little guy today. Jenny Lin let me borrow her little person for a bit while she met with a client. How could I resist but get his pic. He enlightened me with his ways of the world this afternoon, shared his cheerios with me( and his leftovers on my shirt *snort*),decorated my livingroom with them as well, we enjoyed a laugh or two...I taught him how to fake laugh, hehe, and he taught me how to roll a tennis ball, he mooched off of my lunch, and we exchanged high fives. All in all I feel it was a pretty productive afternoon ;) I love babies. They are like little sponges :D Coleton is one smart little cookie too!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back into the swing of things

My lovely Shannon friend is here visiting from Washington. Her new man came along, and together they are wonderful. Thanks for letting my play with you both today. I needed it!