Monday, June 30, 2008

Semi-annual hair shoot

I am trying to do some catching up here...I know some are waiting for some blogging, and I promise, I havent forgotten you. This weekend has been the worst of internet connections ever, and everytime Ive tried to upload anything to anywhere, it takes 10 years or times out...anyhoo. I had a super crazy weekend....the Antiques and Artisans show was...interesting. Thank God I had Andrea and Christina there, we held each other together, while we were literally trying to hold the tent together. Lets just say I taught them the art of Duct Tape :D We cut out early in the day after witnessing several of our fellow vendors tents go flying down the street, with a vision of doom headed near us. .We didnt want to take any chances,lol. However...I have some stuff left, and I know the girls do as well, so you can catch up with us this weekend at the Farmers Market this time :D

So kind of working my way backwards on my blogging ( I may have a blogapalooza the next couple days to catch up to those of you I certainly dont want to leave out) we had out semi-annual hair shoot for Byuti 73...if you had popped into the studio today, you would have thought you had stumbled onto the set of Americas Next Top Model or something with all the hair and make-up going on...but it was fun. It seems like Adam and I have been doing this at least once or twice a year since we both went out on our own. Its fun to see how far we've come . :D

When its time to change

you got to rearrange...movin on is what you gotta do...shananananana shanana...

It was time for a new zumba pic, some things have changed, many have stayed the of them being that Zumba is still one Rockin party!! You must check it out, and while you're at it, check out the 7:30 class instructors....Robert, Lynne, Tabra, Jorge, and Heather. They are all FANSTASTIC!

Friday, June 27, 2008


That pretty much just about sums it up, :D

Oh yeah. Dont forget to come to the Antiques and Artisans Show. Tomorrow. In Tipp. 9-6pm. Be there or be square.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shameless plugs...

Come one come all out to the Antiques and Artisans show this Saturday in downtown Tippecanoe from 9-6pm. I will be there selling some limited edition prints and notecards. I will be sharing a booth with none other than my lovely lady friends Andrea Nay of Andrea Nay Creative who will also be selling prints and notecards, and the one and only Christina Brownlee of Clever Girl Design who will be selling some hand made jewelry and what not. I have also heard from a little birdie that my little neighbor Nicole, owner of The Earth Center will be giving chair massages, and some other fun things.

Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

10 bucks

to the first person who can guess which one of my children fell into the pond :D

My friend Carol, who's land and house would be my version of Heaven and happiness, has a new beautiful baby grandaughter. She asked me to take some pics of her and invited the boys and I over for dinner and fishing. They fished while I took pics of little London...who by far has the best baby hairdo I have EVER seen. She was such a good baby, and even talked to me about her day and how much she loves her mommy :)

The boys...had a blast by the way...thank you so much Carol, they havent stopped talking about it since last night. After finishing up with the baby, I went outside and said..I wonder which one of my children is wet. It is a known fact that they cannot go near a body of water and one of them not go in...its the law of physics in the Hultberg household. Surprisingly, neither one of them were wet, and I thought...hmm..we might actually leave this evening without one of them drenched from head to toe.....well I spoke too soon....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just two for now...

I have never been more happy to photograph a little one (other than my own) than this little guy. My dear friend Gillian and her husband experienced the unfathomable pain of losing their first child last year. I was blessed and honored enough to be a part of his life for one day, and document his time on earth with his family who loved him more than words can say. Gillian is a big reason for me even picking up a camera, and I have her to thank for that, so it only made sense that I be there for her in every way that day, even though my heart was breaking, knowing there wasn't much I could do. Burke was a beautiful little boy.

I AM proud to announce however, that Gillian and Brian have been blessed again and this time no sadness, only joy. I drove down sunday to hang with little "B" and he is beautiful. Gillian is such a good mommy. It makes my heart burst to see her hold him...and geez now Im*sigh* anyway...psssssttt I got to hold him too :D!!

So check out his little hat. He looks like a little gnome, I want to squeeze him :D! Gillian makes these cute little hats, and hopefully soon will be selling them online for anyone else who enjoys their little ones in funny little hats. I for one would buy every single design if it werent for the fact that my childrens heads are the size of large melons :P

Ashley and Jerrod <3

After a night of storms, we managed to have a beautiful day the next day. I had never been to the Berry farm, but its pretty awesome

The wedding was beautiful, with a lovely beach theme, its probably the closest I will ever get to being in Hawaii,LOL. I first met Ashley a couple of years ago when I did some pics of her by herself, and I was honored when she asked me to shoot her wedding for her too :) She looked beautiful and she and Jerrod are great together!

Award for most entertaining :D

Brittany and Matt win for the most entertaining wedding of the year so far for sure :D Instead of marching down the aisle traditionally, the wedding party danced down the aisle. It was great. I have pics, but you get the full affect if you watch the video.

Everyone was awesome. Brittany should never be bored, as Matt is quite the entertainer himself. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment shooting their wedding. And even though the weather was horrid, it was still a beautiful day :D Polen Farm is a great place for a wedding.

Happy marriage!!