Monday, April 30, 2007


Little Jeannie reminds me of Liv Tyler for some strange reason. And bless her heart, I told her this and she says..who's Liv Tyler? hehe..anyway. Miss Jeannie is getting her High School diploma which is way awesome. She's had a rough time the past few months and it was good to see her laugh.

I had a very busy weekend, as you can see. I had an odd array of sessions, each one different from the next...just the way I like it! The guys from Patient Zero had me peepee laughing all night Saturday night. After the session they took John and I out to dinner, how nice :) John has this strange addiction to drummer Steve Smith..I call it odd, but really, its kind of cute. I like Steve Smith also, but not to the point of seeing his Jazz band Vital Information twice. Anyway, I make fun of him endlessly when he tortures me in the car with his Vital Information cd's, and what do you know, but Aaron, one of the guys from Patient Zero has seen Vital Information 5 times!! I was laughing so hard, listening to them all chat about it, I thought I would bust a gut. For those of you who have absolutely NO idea who Steve Smith is...think Journey. Man, I love me some Journey ;)

And last but not least, the lovely couple, I will be shooting their wedding in a few months. They were so cute together. I even forgave them for the Michigan attire later on in the session.

The gangs all here...

Just finished up the headshots and group photos for the launch of the new Studio Zumba website. Some of the shots are up already, but the rest are on the way. Seriously, if you haven't gotten the hint yet, you really need to try Zumba. If these awesome instructors are not enough to make you want to come out, then I just don't know what to say,lol. I will be out at the Studio Saturday night for Ladies Night, Cinco de Mayo party. I will doing mini sessions and offering value packages. Info is available on the website. Even if you don't want your picture taken, come out anyway, Chad is giving massages and there will be zumba classes, Exotic moves classes and more. You can even pack your jammies and stay the night if you want :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You know...

that he thoroughly enjoyed this moment in his little 7 yr old life. Who would pass up the opportunity to lick whipped cream from a plate with your face? The boys are going to a youth group event called The Zoo on Mondays after school for awhile. I practically had to drag them to the Idea Factory in Troy, Adam giving me dirty looks through the first 5 minutes,, what have you made me do?? But then they said the words whipped cream, and race, and prize, and both of their eyes lit up. And well, they ended up having a really good time. There was singing and a play, a balloon race, and a good message. I dont think I will have to drag them next time :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


McKinneys cubed, that is :) I got a workout today with these kiddos. Someone thought it a good idea to seek out this nest of baby owls that a passerby mentioned. Who on earth had that brilliant idea?? Forget the fact that I was wearing a skirt and flip flops, ay. But anyway..there you are. Heartbreakers, all 3 of them :D

My little pirate...

Aye Matey. Poor little guy. He scratched his eye last night right before bed. It looked ok, just a little irritated, so I sent him off to bed. This morning we he woke up, his eye was basically glued shut, and when we finally pried it open, he could barely keep it open. to the Dr. we went this afternoon. Just to make him feel a little better while we waited, I got him an eye patch,lol. The Dr put some drops in his eyes to make it glow, and checked him out under blacklight, which he thought was the coolest thing ever...especially when his nose started to ooze flourescent colored snot,lmao. Alas, he is ok. She could see no damage, just appears to be irritated from him rubbing it. He has some ointment for the time being, which he hates, but he will have to deal :D

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hard to believe....

My baby niece now has a baby of her own....Man, I feel old,lol.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


I was going to post this fun little blog about the kids and my adventures today at the Cincy Museum, which I will still blurb about, but then I received the most horrible news after I got home. I can't go any further without talking about this. I am in such a state of shock. I have had 2 calls from NILMDTS this weekend. Unfornately I was unavailable for the first family, but thank God Jenny Linn was able to come to their aid. However, the second call came this afternoon and all I was told was that it was a little boy, and he was currently on life support. I talked to the nurse and we discussed availability on Monday and she said she would talk to the parents. Fast forward to this evening, the nurse called me back to tell me that Monday would be fine and that the mom was there and when she was looking at the list of names, she told the nurse that she knows me. The nurse said her name, and I swear to you the blood must have drained from my face immediately. Never ever in my life when I decided to become a part of NILMDTS, that one of the families would be someone that is dear to my heart. But that is what has happened. My lovely friend gave birth to her beautiful boy only to know that he will soon be taken away...I just can't even make sense of it. I'm just so sad. I'll say as many prayers for them all tonight as I can. I thank God that I decided to be a part of NILMDTS, almost as if this was the purpose. Monday is going to be rough. :(

As I said, the boys and I had a great time at the Cincy Museum. I'm finding it difficult at the moment to express some joy over the day considering, but trust me when I say it was a good day up until the afternoon came. We got there mid-morning and went straight to the Natural History Museum. Apparantly its the only place I can willingly get my children to brush and floss, even though the teeth were larger than life and not their own. After that, we hit the Omnimax for a cool flick called Titanica...I'm sure you can guess what it was about. After the Omnimax was an Artifact Exhibit on the Titanic. This was waay cool. The boys were totally fascinated by seeing a part of history in person. Adam has always been intrigued by the Titanic, so I knew he would enjoy it. We werent able to take pictures inside, but they did hand out boarding passes to everyone before you went it that had actual passengers names on, so I took pics of that,lol. Jacobs favorte part was a replica of the iceberg that was made of actual ice. I had to restrain him from trying to lick it,lol. After the Titanic exhibit, we ate lunch and then headed to the Children's Museum. This is where we spent the majority of the day. I let them run themselves ragged while I watched,lol. If you have never been to the Cincy Museum, it is a total blast.The building itself is a little piece of history. Our original plans were to go to the zoo, but considering the weather has been not so pleasant this weekend, we opted for this instead. Im glad we did! Tata for now

Monday, April 02, 2007

She fools you...

into thinking that she is shy....but she is sooo totally NOT,lol. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning and for introducing me to your new little person :)