Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet baby

I love it when my wedding couples come back with their babies :)  Everyone should recognize Veronica as the "airplane bride" on my site. Veronica was also one hot pregnant mama,lol. I got the unique opportunity to photograph her belly growing once a month, since daddy was deployed, she didn't want him to miss a thing. What a cool experience. I looked forward to seeing her progress every month, and even more so, when baby "N" made her appearance. (She waited for daddy to come home first, how sweet ;) She is a beauty and has already learned to "smile with her eyes"  hehe, she gets that from her mama :D

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Its a Portrait party!!

On April 9th I am participating in a nationwide Portrait Party event to benefit the Layla Grace Foundation. The Layla Grace Cancer Research Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to discovering new treatments for children diagnosed with high-risk cancer through donations, events, and community outreach. We stand apart with our positive approach of arming families with the resources to guide them through the treatment journey.

What is a portrait party? Its a mini session, with discounted prices and products for one day only. The cost of each session will be $75 and will go directly to the Layla Grace Cancer Research Foundation. In exchange for your $75 donation, you will receive a 20 minute mini session at one of two locations . You can choose between a studio session at Sharon Elaine or you can choose an outdoor session at a park near the studio. You will also receive 1 8x10 of choice along with 3 digital images on CD. For your participation you will also receive access to other discounted packages and products.

How do I book my session? Click this link  Session Times  To go directly to my session times. Choose the time you prefer and send your payment through to Layla Grace Foundation. I will receive notification you have paid for your session and what time you have selected and I will then contact you with more information about your session.

When is this all going down?? April 9th
I have times starting as early as 9am. Sessions are limited so make sure you book fast!

Monday, March 07, 2011

The JBs are havin a baby!!

One of my favorite couples is expecting! Have you ever seen a more gorgeous pregnant woman?? Sooo jealous, I was as big as a house, both pregnancies! :P Only Jen could get away with sporting a pair of high heeled boots with her baby belly and still look amazing! I cant wait til baby B gets here!

I'm anxious to start shooting outside again. I'm tired of being confined to the studio :) I have some great things around the corner for Spring!!