Saturday, November 24, 2007

Autumn Wedding

I love the colors of a fall wedding. Just a few images I am working on. I am down to editing my last 2 weddings of the season and its taking me longer than usual. Hang tight guys!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I will have some new pics to show you soon, I promise. I feel like I am finally starting to get caught up. I am still a bit behind but I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Winters Gathering....was fun. I had some people actually come and look at the studio. Most of them were looking for the public bathroom or the massage therapist that was at the Earth Center, but nonetheless, I did have some visitors. We couldnt have had a WORSE day for Santa pictures on Sunday, but I was surprised how many people actually showed up even with the rain and the hail,lol.

And well, the will be done soon. We are really trying to get it ready for December 1st. If anything it will at least be mostly done so I can make it functional. It might not be perfect, but then again, it probably never will match what I have in my head...but I could care less but I am ever so thankful that I even HAVE a space and will no longer be stuck in my apartment shooting in my tiny dining room ;) I promise to have pictures soon.I have some of the front, but I really want to wait until the whole thing is ready before I reveal. I plan on having a party for the Grand opening, I will announce when that will be when *I figure it out,lol.

Special Wish foundation Christmas party. I cannot tell you what a joy it is to be a part of this event. Is it stressful? Yes, but it is worth it to see those kids faces when they see santa. I am ever so grateful of course for B who helped me AGAIN with both Santa events. Somehow she always gets the most abuse, and still manages to do it smiling,lol.

And my Kodak job *sigh* I put in my 2 weeks. I am either completely confident things are going to go well with the studio, or I am really stupid. I think it could be a little of both. I will miss the job. I loved the people I met a long the way, and it was really nice to hang out with techie people and learn some things. But, it is time to move on, and I truly believe that quitting will allow me the freedom to expand the least I pray :)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. This year I can say I am truly blessed and there are so many things I am grateful for that I would have to write a novel to name them all. I cant lie and say that life is always peaches and cream for me. Its HARD, downright hard sometimes, especially the past several months, trying to be a single mom of 2 high maintenance boys, work 2 jobs, try to build a business, and manage to have time for me and everyone else and stuff in between. Without God I would have gone insane. I am looking forward to continuing to give back to others, since I have been given so much. Adam and I are going on a mission trip to New York in a couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to sharing this trip with him, have a few days of really bonding together, to show him how good he has it compared to others, to teach him how to be giving to others....anyway...Ive written a book and I am exhausted. tata for now.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fun shoot....

Other than being sad because I have lost one of my favorite locations to shoot, my roof space is no longer :(....I am totally excited for my friend Adam, who has opened a new salon and is launching his own product line called Laab'n. It's good stuff, and smells good. As a matter of fact, after shooting for 3 hours and inhaling the hairspray in very tight quarters, I'm fairing pretty well :D Any longer, and my nose hairs would stand on end for heh heh...just kidding.

ANYWAY, we had a good time. It was nice to do something different for a change.

ACK, I get to move some of my stuff into the studio tomorrow. YIPPEEE

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I love textures...

They are too much fun. I am just now getting the hang of it, sort of,lol..I could busy myself all day playing with these...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ok ok...

I feel like I can officially say something now, enough people already know, or sort of know. The rumors are true, I am finally going to have my own studio space very soon. I have a new location located in historic downtown Tipp City. We are still in restoration/demolition phase now, but I should be at least mostly operational by December 1st. I am excited, scared, stressed, elated, all in one,LOL. But more than anything just grateful, so many people have come forward to lend me a hand, and I cant thank everyone enough. And really I am just so in awe of what God can do.

If you want to check the place out early, I will be at the studio next weekend for the Winter's Gathering event, passing out coupons and saying hello. The dates are November 10th and 11th, Saturday from 10-8 and Sunday 12-6. Come and check it out anyway, because its a pretty neat event. If you can make it out on Sunday, I will be at the Hotel Gallery, down the street from the new studio, taking pictures with Santa from 2-4pm. The address of the studio is 19 1/2 East Main Street Suite A. I am upstairs next to the Earth Center and right in between Cairn's and the library. To celebrate, I am posting some new pics of some recent Tipp seniors. Enjoy! :D