Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pretty preggers...

I was never pretty preggers, so I enjoy taking pictures of those who are ;) is your sneak peak, tehe.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


A girl as beautiful as her name, inside and out. What ARE they feeding these young girls these days?? I need some,lol. Seriously, I had a blast with "A" and her mom today (AND to her sidekick, I couldnt forget you too, hehe). Plus as an added bonus, I got to work with my friend Greg, who is an awesome stylist. We totally froze our tooshies off though, but I definitely think it was worth it. Anyone passing by probably thought we were nuts, and I really couldnt feel my fingers when we were done,lol. If my mommy had seen me not wearing any gloves, she would have killed me :D

Monday, January 21, 2008


Adam to the rescue!! LOL I had the opportunity to document a before and after on Saturday that I wanted to share. Adam does a lot of the hair and makeup for sessions when I need him. And obviously there is a good reason for that :D Saturday, Adam and Jamie were transforming this lucky young lady for a youth ministry event focused on extreme changes. So off to the salon I went. While I was there, I managed to get my own transformation, so I thought I'd throw in pics of myself as well. My before pic is from the fall. I have come to the conclusion that I HATE my hair that color. I much prefer it darker.

So..if you would like your own transformation, you must go visit Adam at his salon, Byuti 73, located in Xenia at 73 Detroit St. Tata for now :D

Friday, January 18, 2008

LIttle girls little girls....

How lucky am I to have such cute little girls to take pics of?? :D

Thursday, January 17, 2008


are what is left of the flowers a friend and his wife gave to me for the studio. Everyone else has been shooting macro lately, I figured I might as well join in the fun. My bio dad would have liked these probably. He was into flowers. Loved his garden a lot. Before he passed away, he was into taking a lot of pictures. I have stacks of pictures he took of the family farm, of butterflies, trees, of course his garden. Its funny that when I recall my much smaller years, I don't ever remember seeing him take pictures. I think my love of pictures first came from my mother, as she has always always over-decorated our homes with countless family photos. We used to tease her about running out of wall space,lol. She finally just took down the hideous Olan Mills portrait of my sister and I, our hair looking as if it had wings and we could fly. was the 80s, cut me a break! Thank GOD she took down the collage that had me sporting my first training bra. And we wonder why I have issues?? Anyway...I didn't see much of my bio dad past the age of 9. Many things prevented that. I wish I had been there to see him taking all of the stacks of pictures I now own. Its one of the small things I have left of him. Most treasured would be the pictures of him young and looking HAPPY. So..I guess these flowers are in essence like my memories of my father, bits and pieces. Even after all this time, I wish I could hear him laugh. He had a good laugh.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Valentine's Special!

Check out those cute cards!! OK, here's the deal! Book a Valentines session now, purchase $25 or more and get 5 free custom Valentines made by Bridget I am not at all kidding when I say, once you see them and pass them out, regular Valentines will seem completely lame,lol. I will also add an additional special for whomever purchases a complete set of 25 custom cards from Househoney Designs, you will get 25% off your entire order from me.

Sammy couldn't have been more perfect for this shoot. It took a little bit to get her warmed up, but once we did, she didn't want to quit :D