Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It took these beautiful little girls mom and I the entire session to realize the reason why they looked so stinkin familiar to me is that I photographed them years ago when they were teeny weeny when I worked at Glamour Shots. How funny!! It was nice to reconnect with them, my how they have already grown! :(

Monday, May 26, 2008

Miss Jordan

This is my niece. She is a doll. Sadly we don't get to see her very often...about every few years as she lives in OK with her mom. She looks JUST like my brother. She got to try out my new netting a pillows, how fun :D!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cynthia <3 Josh

What a relaxed day we had, lots of time to hang out and do fun stuff. Everyone was so great :D The weather was weird though, couldnt make up its mind what it wanted to do....I'm rainy, I'm cold, no wait, I'm sunny, I'm windy...AHH...You can see from a couple pics we had some pretty ominous clouds at one point, but someone was in our favor because it only spit for a couple of minutes then it would stop. They had the coolest limo, and the limo driver was kind enough to go fetch some ice cream for the hungry bride and groom. Congrats Cynthia and Josh!!! Hope you are enjoying the honeymoon :D

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back by popular demand!!

Posh spice got married YAY!! LOL .....and back by request....the groom on a bike, only a slightly different take this time. And this one was actually borrowed knowingly :D The church was having a garage sale at the same time as the wedding of all things,lol.

So Jen looked straight out of a magazine, absolutely stunning. I was not surprised, she is beautiful anyway :D Josh looked hot as usual too, together they are a stunning pair. Anyways...my favorite moment from the day, washing each others feet....I've never been to a ceremony where they have washed each other's feet, it was very touching. (and thanks to the 70-200mm I was able to actually capture it :D)

Ok...so we'll start with one at a time.

I think my blog is being stalked.....it could have something to do with the weddings I've done recently. Dont worry guys, we're gonna do this one post at a time, please don't have an aneurism :D (and yes Adam I'm talking to YOU,lol) Poor Dawn, I've been torturing her by not giving her a preview. Dawn and Tim have been enjoying wedded bliss since April. I felt very comfortable with their whole clan, everyone was so nice and fun :D However I fear they will think that I bring horrible weather with me everywhere I go. First their e-session was cold and rainy, and then the wedding day too..but it certainly didnt hold us back! Congrats guys!