Monday, September 25, 2006

If you give a Hultberg a camera

they will make silly faces...This is what boredom will do to ya ;)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dynamic Duo...

This is Matt Haupt and his partner in crime(drummer/wonderful agent) Check his music out here I was highly impressed with these 2 kids. Very cool individuals.

So Sharon....

you do boudior photography?? Why yes my little flower, I do...on occasion, but it must be elegant and tasteful. It actually makes a nice gift for your significant other, especially as a wedding gift, etc.What might something like this cost me? A session on CD is $250 edited with copyright...meaning you keep all your photos and print what you like. I've been shooting stuff like this way back when I was working know, it's old hat to me. I just wish I could make myself look that good...shave off a little here, a little there...voila! Ah but no,LOL.

I was given the opportunity at the beginning of last week to shoot a lovely model named Elizabeth Irene. She is the beautiful girl in red. A myspace photographer buddy invited a few fellow photogs out to shoot at a studio and it was a ton of fun. It's nice to be able to shoot that way sometimes, with no pressure. Just play and see what goody goody stuff you can come up with. I do so many weddings, families, and kids lately (I am not complaining at all by the way) that it was nice to get back to a little "glam"

I think the kids and I are going to try and hit one of the festivals this weekend. My personal favorite is the Apple Fest at Aullwood. I do believe it is this weekend, unless I dreamt that. I just hope it doesn't rain. True to Ohio, yesterday was warm and sunny and today it was cold and rainy. Gotta love it ;)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

*sigh* my how she grows.....

Dearest 3 yr old...why must you melt my heart so?? These are former neighbors of ours. And I miss them next door very much. The boys also miss Michael very was kind of like having a really big kid next door for them to play with. I love the golden light. If I could do photo shoots at sunset every night for the rest of my life I would be content...well all except for getting bitten by bugs. For some reason they like me...a lot...Oh well, I think it was well worth it. Little dark-haired beauty she is, and gets prettier everytime I see her.
Of course like a true photo geek, Im driving home and look over and see the sunset through the cornfield..and what do I do? well of course I stopped in the middle of the road to shoot it **I am by no means suggesting that anyone in their right mind do the same thing** well tata for now :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More cute pregnant girlies....

well just lovely Ashley. We had fun the other night, she was hamming it up. And then I made her get naked and do the sheet thing, haha! She would like to be done being pregnant now, but the bun must stay in the oven just a little longer ;) With any luck, little Abram will be born on Adam's birthday (10/14)

I finally got the Luneke wedding slideshow up. I am still editing but it's a nice little summary of the day. You can see it here
I have to say that the drive to Tennessee was so relaxing and just being there..away from my computer, tv *sigh* Michael and Brittany are so cute together. I hope you can see what I saw that weekend.

I have decided to run a special for the Holidays. Anyone to book an appointment for October for their holiday session...yes this is early but the leaves will be turning hopefully...will get 10 free custom 4x8 holiday cards(with envelopes) with their paid session fee. And now thanks to the lab I print through, postcards and folded cards are also a possibility for the holiday season. Book now for your appointment because come November and December I will be practically camping at Best Buy for Kodak demo days!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ah, home crap home,lol...

Tennessee was fun. I got to hang out with B and her family, and she jokes that I had to put up with craziness but I think she forgets that my family is just as nuts so I was right at home. I am very honored that they picked me to come with them, and I thank them for making me feel welcome :) I previewed some pics to Bridget and you can see them on her blog I'm too lazy to post them right now, but I will post more when as I get them done. I am however posting pics of Bridget and I at the Hard Rock cafe in Gatlinburg...yeah...Im the..uh...very smiley one, hehe. And of course my funky was yuuuummmmyyy. Some kind of Kahlua/pina colada mix. I am very tired, and have so much to do and as you can see I'm getting a lot accomplished sitting here :D

Tomorrow morning I will do my first official session for NILMDTS. I'm very apprehensive about it. I just want to be able to be strong for this family and give them beautiful pictures of their baby.

Tomorrow is also picture day at school. And yes I still order school pics...what else am I going to have to make fun of them with later??

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hittin' the road...

Don't you feel like screaming sometimes? I do,lol.

I have the pleasure of shooting Bridget's Sister's wedding this weekend in Tennessee. I am sure I will have lots of pics to post when I get back, not just of the wedding. This will be the longest trip I've ever made by myself, and I have come to learn just about everyone in my family must think I am the most incompetent person on the planet and think I am going to get lost and end up in Georgia or something,lol.'s possible I guess ;) I don't think they realize that I drive all the time for my Kodak job now. I'm getting pretty good with directions these days. Well, wish me luck, until next time!