Friday, November 28, 2008

More requests

for the girl with "the eyes" Hehe, so here you go :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who wouldn't

want one of these for Christmas...and apparantly quite a few of my 2008 brides are going to get just that :D

A little sunshine...

for the cold weather. Miss Abby definitely lights up any room she is in. I had an awesome time with her. :)
Oh and guess who was my assistant for the day?? Mr. Terry Glass. Since it's Thanksgiving tomorrow, I will share one thing I am grateful for this year and it was meeting Terry last year when I moved the studio to Tipp. He and his wife are the nicest people. Terry is always willing to help me with anything. If I just want to pick his brain a little, hang out and talk cameras, or borrow stuff, he's there. AND he's a great photographer too! Thanks Terry, youre the best :D!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Totally Random

is what this post will be. Those of you waiting on new pics, Im sorry to disappoint you as of yet, I am still buried, but making my way out slowly. I promise to have new pics to put up soon :) is a thought to ponder this fine thursday. As I was driving to the studio this morning, I passed a random lonely shoe sitting in the middle of the road. This happens a lot. I'll be driving a long driving along and then BOOM, random shoe.... what is it with these random shoes?? Why is there only one? Why is it and how did it get in the middle or on the side of the road? Is there someone hobbling around on only one shoe today? Is this what happens to that missing shoe in your closet? You know, when you're in a hurry to get somewhere, and you can only find one shoe and can't for the life of you figure out what happened to the other shoe...well if youre missing a cute little brown loafer, about size 7, I think I passed it this morning trying to hitch a ride to God knows where...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Really?? Seriously??

But I'm not ready for snow :( *sniff sniff*

Laura and I were in the midst of her session when we peeked outside and it was snowing golf ball sized snowflakes. She was brave enough to hop outside with me.

Im so not ready for winter *sigh*

Friday, November 14, 2008


Tracy and I have teamed up....more info coming soon!!! :D

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big Robot Game Cafe

Meet Greg Enslen. He is the owner of the boys' favorite place in the world. And pop in any given day, you will see that they are not the only ones. This post a slightly overdue, as their party was over a week ago, but I didnt want to pass it by. I decided this year that since Jakes b-day falls on Thanksgiving, we would do a combined birthday party. Greg holds great parties. If you have 2 little nerdy boys like mine, this is heaven,LOL. Want to play Wii, X-box, Playstation, or a computer game? He most likely has it. Have a battle of the bands on Rock Band or Guitar Hero with your friends? Or if you have a little guy who doesnt do video games yet (like Benjamin) he has a slew of board games to play as well. Not to mention a million and one other activities and events he has planned that Im not even mentioning. Go to the website and check it out. I personally like to bring the boys on a weekday or evening, let them play whatever they want for an hour, and sit and take advantage of Greg's awesome Wi-Fi connection on my laptop :) Oh and did I mention they had a blast at their party? Yeah, I was cool mom for a little bit anyway :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Why go big you ask? Why NOT go big I say. I have always loved BIG pictures, the bigger the better. When you hang that 20x24, or 16x20 canvas for the first time, you realize, its more like art work than a snapshot. So here is my guide for you, on how you too can go big. It is my goal here soon to have product guides for you to take home after your session, especially for those who opt to proof from home, rather than proof in studio with me. Hopefully it will help guide you through making the best choices for you, and what will look best in your home. Martha Stewart (yeah I know) says never to hang anything smaller than a 16x20 on your wall...really! I know it sounds HUGE, and some of you will say, but I dont have the room. You really do, its just dependant on what youre willing to hang on your walls, portraits of your family or child, or a cool print you liked at Bed Bath and Beyond :D For anyone who has ever been to my apartment, knows that I live in a very small apartment....I dont have a lot of room for anything, BUT you better believe I have a 20x24 of me and the boys hanging up :)

Some tips...and I have included pictures for those who are visual. I LOVE Canvas Wraps. If I could decorate my home completely of Canvas wraps I would, although I think its best to keep it simple with a few really stunning pieces, it makes them that much more special. I love canvas wraps so much, I hug mine...some of you can attest to this,LOL. Canvas Wraps are great because they come ready to hang, no need to frame, they are literally like art work.

The next best thing are Canvas on Stretcher. If you love the look of canvas, but cant afford the investment, there are canvas mounted to stretcher frame. These I do recommend framing, but the texture is beautiful, the above example is actually metallic canvas ,VERY COOL.

The hot item right now are Standouts. My customers love these, because they still have that boxy look, with the professional looking trim (white or black) but they are very light weight, a little more affordable and still look beautiful on the wall and BONUS, no need to frame. They look great by themselves or I also offer them in an 8x12 trio for a nice little grouping, especially if you have a hard time making up your mind (like me :D)

Last but not least, collages. Again, if you have a hard time choosing like me, why not order a collage or storyboard. The 10x20s are fun, they come mounted, so really you can sit them on a shelf, hang them by ribbon, or prop them up on an easel.

I do offer framing by the way. Stop in with your order and I will walk you through your frame choices. Have fun with it guys, and remember Go BIG! :D

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Say hi to Molly...

She is one year old now :) Molly wants you to come and get your holiday portraits taken. Book your appointment now, I'm filling up :D

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Guess what guess what????

I have a new neighbor and her name is Andrea Nay. Now for those who need custom announcements, invitations, cards, etc do not have to travel to Oakwood and farther to get it. Andrea is now right upstairs next to Nicole and me. For my upcoming wedding couples who still need invitations, how convenient will it be to have Andrea at your disposal ?? Andrea plans to use some of those hidden gem artisans around the country to aid her designs. Plus, she's creative, and also cute...what more could you ask for?? She might even bake you some fresh cookies ;)
If you want a sneak peak, come to Winter's Yuletide Gathering this weekend, and you can check her out. Her official opening is December 1st. Don't miss out!!
PS....come to Winter's Yuletide Gathering for santa photos....I'll be down at MnJ's Boutique, saturday from 12-3, and Sunday 1-3pm. :)

See ya there!