Friday, January 30, 2009

Be My Valentine!

Believe it or not, there is still time, so get your buns over here already!
I purchased some cuper cute designs and designed a couple of my own. Give me a ringy ding, and we'll get ya set up! OR, if you have already had a session and ordered and would like to re-order cards from your previous session, they have been added to the online album, just simply add to your cart and select the photos you would like on the cards. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wow....just wow..

Friday's Ladies Night Out was a complete success. We had so much fun. *I* had so much fun. We are already getting requests for another, so please stay tuned, because there WILL be another :D I wanted to give you a few highlights of the evening along with a few pics. I had some serious picture takers for the night, which was great. Gwen from Signature Day Spa (located in Troy) ROCKED IT OUT with the make-up. That girl was super busy, worked her buns off, she was great. Her Grand opening is soon, so be sure to check her out for a facial or something. The girls at The Earth's Center were also busy all night long giving massages. I heard all night long how wonderful Chie is (I can vouch for her, she gives me massages, I love her :) Andrea's space was filled at all times, besides the fact that her space housed the wine,lol, ladies could not help but ooh and ahh over the cuteness of her space and the beautiful work she does. Bellies were filled by Jill and Tastefully Simple samples. Jackie had some awesome accessories for purchase (including the rockin headband Miss Rachel is sporting at the top there, and the cool bag) There was much laughter to be heard all throughout the night and it lasted way past 9pm. Last nut...I mean but not least, my ladies from V-town came and hung out, and well...*pssst Tracy....they found The Photobooth props* OMGOSH....We had SO MUCH FUN. I could have kept shooting the craziness,lol. Except that they made me join in :D Good times ladies, good times.

Anyway, thank you to ALL who came, and participated. I am so grateful to have such good company :) Tata for now!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seriously cool

Thanks Shannon for sharing this seriously wicked cool video and great song. :)

Dont forget Ladies Night tomorrow night!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feeling blah?? Got the winter blues??

Two great ways to bring your sexy back this winter!

The first is Ladies Night at the Loft. The girls upstairs and I(Nicole-The Earth's Center and Andrea-Andrea Nay Creative) have dubbed ourselves The Lofts at Tippecanoe and we are hosting a Ladies Night just for you! Its Friday January 23rd from 6-9pm. Join us for a night of fun, food, and even some shopping! Joining us in the event will be Tastefully Simple by Jill Barhorst(yummy gourmet treats), Fancy Pants Accessories(purses and other accessories), Clevergirl Design(hand-crafted jewelry and watches) and Signature Day Spa. Available will be $1 a minute chair massages, beautiful stationary to peruse, purses and jewelry to oogle, yummy food to sample, and wine tasting for added fun. I myself will be teaming up with Signature Day Spa for a special treat. $15 mini-photo sessions with make-up provided by a pro. Included in your $15 fee is 5-6 image photo session with moi, your mini-makeover, and a 5x7 of choice to take home to your honey PLUS exclusive package pricing that night ONLY (Valentine's Day is right around the corner ladies) Part of proceeds will go to the American Heart Association OR you can opt to donate a canned good or non-perishable food item to the Needy Basket in Tipp City. An awesome way to spend a Friday night with a best friend, sister, daughter or just treat yourself for the heck of it. The event is free to attend, the more the merrier!
Secondly...simply book an appointment for yourself (only $25) and receive a complimentary wallet brag book (holds 10 of your favorite images) PLUS 25% off any additional order. Basically...replace his "little black book" with yours ;) Offer good until February 10th, so book now!

Books books and more books

Clients ask me all the time if there is a way to get all of their pictures without printing an enlargement of every single one...they want them all but still be reasonable in cost, and not have 100 pictures they have no where to hang. Why yes, there is a way :) Several ways actually and one of my favorite ways is with an album.

The Spiral Bound Proofbook: This book (obviously) comes spiral bound with all of the pictures printed on 8x10 sized photo paper/ 4 per page. It has a picture on the front cover and can have a title as well if you choose. I can also add the file names below the images (like Kaitlyn above) that way if your online album has expired and you would like to re-order, you have a reference point.

The 20 page Hardbound Proofbook: If you like a lot of your portraits, but not necessarily all of them, you can select 20 of your favorites and have them mounted in this hardcover book. Sizes available are 5x7 and 4x6.Available in Black

The Wallet Brag Book: This is GREAT for Grandma or for mom for your purse. I have 2 kinds available. The first is the accordian-style, shown above. It holds 10 wallet sized portraits, 5 on each side. The other which is NOT pictured, would be non-accordian style, holds 20 wallet sized portraits and is basically a mini version of the hardbound proofbook. Both come in a variety of colors, pastel green, pink or baby blue for the accordian books, and also red, black, etc for the 20 page book.

Coffee-Table Style Album: Comes with all of your pictures, printed on 50 press printed pearl pages. Available covers are a custom hard cover(like Sarah's) or black suede with silver embossing. Images are artistically arranged by moi :)

Lastly is the Superior Mount Wedding Album:
Although it doesnt have to be a "wedding" album, it would fit any occasion. 20 mounted pages printed on Metallic Paper, unlimited images(although its wise to keep it to a minimum) again artistically arranged my me.
That covers most of the albums. Of course, CD's are always an option if you would like to own the whole session, just ask ! Also new are digital keychains(not pictured) I have access to some super cool digital keychains, available to purchase in increments of 5-10 images, and have space to add more photos. These also come with a hardcopy of low-res images, myspace or facebook ready.
And this concludes this advertisement, now back to your regularly scheduled programming :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Amazing eyes!

What amazing they're not dr'd....those are really her eyes I promise....(on a side note...for those who received my Christmas card this year and have seen the pink bus...there REALLY is a pink bus, I did not photoshop a pink school bus I promise you,lol)
I dig a girl who can rock Hello Kitty ;)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Fancy Pants Accessories...

This, my friends, is a creation of Jackie Walton, owner of Fancy Pants Accessories. I was lucky enough to meet her earlier 2008, and now call her my friend. Jackie designed this lens bag for me, and I absolutely LOVE it. She worked with me every step of the way, deciding on the size, design, colors, even down to the pockets. Its exactly what I wanted. You can comfortably hold several lenses in this bag as well as memory cards, batteries, etc. As you can see, inside mine, I have the 80-200 2.8 which is a pretty big lens, the 85 1.8, and the 24 2.8. What you cant see, is that I also have extra batteries and memory cards in there, safely tucked away. The wide strap easily wears across my body (the way I like it) but can be adjusted so that you can sling it over the shoulder as well. The strap itself is wide, so its very comfortable, no digging into the shoulder at all. Its made of very sturdy material, and has reinforcements inside the material as well as little feet on the bottom, so if I want to set it on the ground, it doesnt flop over. What is also great, is that if I'm not using it as my lens bag, it's cute enough to carry around as my regular purse. The pockets easily fit my phone and my wallet (which is also a jackie creation) and anything else I want to stick in there. It has a snap at the top to close everything up inside :)

Now for my wallet....what can I say about my wallet. This has been the greatest thing for me. I cannot tell you how much I love my wallet. I am notorious for losing my keys and wallet. But I havent once misplaced either of those things since Jackie made me my wristlet. I actually have that matches my lens bag and this cute little brown and pink one. All of my credit cards fit into this thing(theres a nice little slot for them inside) theres also a velcro pouch inside for smaller things, and room for some cash or change as well. (Be careful how much change you put in there, it can quickly become a weapon,lol) The wallet attaches or detaches from the wristlet keychain and you wear it around your arm. I can put it on my arm and walk around hands free carrying other things (this is big for me because I often have my hands full carrying stuff). She has all these cute fabrics she uses to make them, so you are bound to find something that fits your style.

She also makes awesome headbands. If you are a headband wearer, and you have an odd-sized noggin and have a hard time finding a headband that fits comfortably..Jackie makes adjustable headbands, guaranteed to fit anyone's head. These also come in great patterns too. If you like anything I have shown you here, and would love for Jackie to make you something, click on the link to her site over to the right there somewhere. Its

and Enjoy!!