Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Guess who added 10 new baby girl toes to their family??

Meet baby "L" who is just as beautiful as her name. She looks so much like her big sister who is very evidentally proud of her new baby sister :) Thank you so much for sharing her with me yesterday <3

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Her smile is infectious

Emily has one of those smiles that lights up a room, especially when she laughs :) We had another beautiful day to work in and what a great group of people to hang out with all day! I have been dying to incorporate the Roller Mill into one of my local weddings, and this just happened to be the perfect group. Enjoy!

Jenny and Rob <3

I was a little worried early that morning before the wedding because it was looking a little like it would storm. As you can see, there was no chance that was happening. I cant even believe how beautiful it was that day. It just so happens that they also picked the hottest day in september, Im convinced :D I truly love this couple, they are so sweet. Their ceremony was beautiful and touching. I love when guys get emotional seeing their ladies walk down the aisle :)

Baby, its cold out there....

but heres a few wedding blogs to warm you up. We had an unusually warm fall this year. Going back and editing these September weddings I am still amazed at how blue the sky was :) Fall weddings are by far my favorite!

To start us off, Julie and Joe are one hot couple. I had an awesome time working with them for their engagement shoot, so I knew the wedding would be amazing. Their wedding was the epitome of all the little details I love, down to the last table runner ;) I love the look on both of their faces during the ceremony when Julie makes her entrance. You can just feel their love for each other and their girls <3>